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Creed of the Ahlus Sunnah

In regards to Aqeedah (Creed) it is to believe and affirm, with the heart and tongue respectively, in all that is known to have come from Allah ﷻ. This is done by affirming oneness of Allah ﷻ and to testify that RasoolAllah SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam is His Messenger. Doing so incorporates faith of Allah ﷻ, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Final Day and Qadr.

We believe that Allah ﷻ is One without any partners; that nothing is like Him, that He is free from His creation and that there is no deity other than Him. He is without a beginning and without an end. Nothing happens except for His will. Minds cannot grasp Him, nor can they reach Him. Creation cannot resemble Him in any way and He isn’t contained by creation.

He is Ever-Living and will never die. He is All-Seeing, All-Hearing and All-Powerful.

In regards to the Prophets, it is the creed of Ahlus Sunnah that RasoolAllah SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam is the most superior of Allah’s creation. In terms of Prophets, after RasoolAllah SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam, the most superior are as follows: Ibrahim Alayhi Salam, Musa Alayhi Salam, `Isa Alayhi Salam, and then Nuh Alayhi Salam.  This is then followed by the rest of the Messengers and Prophets. After the Messengers and Prophets, the most superior are the angels Jibra’il Alayhi Salam, Mika’il Alayhi Salam and then the rest of the elite angels.  They are followed by the elite of the Ummah (namely the family and companions of RasoolAllah SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam), the Awliya, and then the rest of the Ummah. We believe the Prophets are chosen by Allah ﷻ, and that they are the obedient servants of Allah. 

We believe that the Angels are made from Noor (light) and were created specifically for the worship of Allah ﷻ, the Most High, and to fulfil whatever duties He sets for them. It is impossible for an angel to go against the command of Allah ﷻ.  This is the primary reasons why in Islam Iblees (Shaytaan) is a Jinn (made from smokeless fire) and not a fallen angel as taught in Christianity.

We believe the Qur’an is the word of Allah ﷻ, and is unchanged from the time of RasoolAllah SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam. There is no contradiction in it and everything within it is accepted by us. In regards to the other 3 scriptures, we believe they were revealed to their respective Messengers, however, they have been changed through time. The Qur’an is the only scripture to have remained the same throughout history.

We believe that we have free will, but what we do is already known to Allah ﷻ, The Most Wise. Everything is from Him, be it good or bad. We believe in the Last Day and the hereafter. We will be judged according to our actions and Allah’s ﷻ Mercy.

In regards to other aspects of faith, we follow traditional mainstream Sunni Aqeedah. We believe RasoolAllah ﷺ is the best of all creation and he came to us in the form of a human being.  However, we also believe he is made from Noor.  We believe in his knowledge of the unseen which is bestowed upon him by Allah ﷻ, the Bestower, and we believe that he is the reason for all of Allah’s ﷻ creation.

We believe that Sayyiduna Abu Bakr RadiAllahuanhu is the greatest human after the Prophets. We accept his Khilafat, and we accept that every single companion of RasoolAllah SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam was on the path of truth.