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The Great Khwaja of Europe!

Shadpur Shareef, Jhelum, Pakistan – April 2013

The Maqam of Khwaaja e Khwaajgaan, Shaykh Sufi Muhammad Aslam Rahimahullah Ta`ala wa RadhiyAllahu `Anh.

‘When I entered the Maqam (Shadpur Sharif, Jhelum) there was a young child, probably around the age of 7, reciting Qur’an to his teacher. He was reciting from Surah Ahzab, and would often make mistakes in his recitation.

He’d recite a few words, freeze, and his Ustadh would tut “Tsk Tsk Tsk!”
As soon as the student would hear this, he would look at the Maqam of Grand Shaykh, and remember the Ayah.
Every single time he forgot an ayah, he would look to the Maqam and remember it.’  

-Abbas Afsar

Fatihah for the Gnostic, the reviver of the Sunnah, the one who stamped hearts with the Dhikr of Allah; Khwaja Sufi Muhammad Aslam Sahib.