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Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Aslami Arshadi Sufi Order


The Beginning

All praise belongs to the Lord Almighty ﷻ, endless peace and blessings of Allah  be upon His Beloved Messenger SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam, the foundation of all Turuq.

Over time the Naqshbandi Tareeqah has changed and taken new titles. Tareeqah Rasooliyya was the foundation from the Imam of all Prophets Sayyiduna Muhammad SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam.  During the time of the first Calipha, Sayyiduna Abu Bakr as-Siddiq RadiAllahuanhu to the time of Sayyiduna Bayazid al Bistami Rahimahullah, it was called As- Siddiqiyya. From the time of Bayazid al Bistami Rahimahullah to the time of Sayyiduna Abdul Khaliq al Ghujdawani Rahimahullah, it was labelled Tayfuriyya. From the time of Sayyiduna Abdul Khaliq Rahimahullah to the time of Shah Muhammad Bahauddin Naqshband Rahimahullah it was called the Khwajgaaniyya. From Shah Naqshband Rahimahullah through to Sayyiduna Ubaidullah al Ahrar Rahimahullah and Sayyiduna Ahmad Faruqi Rahimahullah of Sirhind, it was called Naqshbandiyya. From the time of Mujaddid Alf Thani Rahimahullah to Khwaaja Sufi Muhammad Aslam Rahimahullah it has been called Mujaddiddiyya.


Tareeqah Naqshbandiyya in Europe


The Great Grand Master, Khwaja Sufi Muhammad Nawabuddin Rahimahullah said,

“I have sent my disciples throughout the world; however, I have not sent a disciple to the people of Europe. Towards that barren land, I shall send one who is dear to me.”

Upon instruction, on 13th Jumada al Awwal 1383 AH, Tuesday, 1st October 1963 CE at the prime age of 29, our Grand Shaykh, Khwaja Sufi Muhammad Aslam Rahimahullah arrived into London from Pakistan. He is the founder of the Naqshbandiyya Aslamiyya Tareeqah in Europe.

During these early years, Khwaaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah lived in London when there was little understanding of Islam, there were no local mosques, few learned individuals and as a result of this there was a small Muslim community leading a life without adequate Islamic guidance. After integrating into the Pakistani community in London, Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullahbegan working in a carpentry factory where he made arrangements to read the daily prayers by congregation and through this action brought many of his co-workers back towards Allah Almighty ﷻ by giving Da`wah (invitation) towards the Oneness of Allah ﷻ and the love of the Messenger SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam.


Initial start

Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah was not content with the western life. He said,

I felt unease within my heart and did not like living in this country. I attempted to carry on with my duties despite a feeling of restlessness at being far from my Shaykh, Khwaja Sufi Nawabuddin. After a short period, I decided it was time for me to return back to Pakistan to settle there permanently with my family. I started up, upon my arrival, a local business with the view of earning a lawful livelihood and serving the community. However, my high hopes of running a business were short-lived as I suffered a great loss and the business went into liquidation. Baffled by this sudden change in circumstance, I presented myself before my Shaykh.

Upon meeting him, the Great Grand Shaykh Rahimahullah reassured Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah,

‘My son, Sufi Aslam, your work, your livelihood is in England and Europe, not here in this country. This is the reason why your business venture failed and you suffered a big loss. We have been ordered to inform you my son, that you go back to England and continue your work for the deen. Allah ﷻ, The Exalted, will make it easy for you.’

Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah then returned back to the UK, not for the sake of a business venture, but for the sake of propagating the Deen of Allah ﷻ. Upon his return to the UK, he was once again blessed with the vision of the Holy Prophet SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam in his dream where he SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam said to Grand Shaykh Rahimahullah that doing the Dhikr of Allah ﷻ and inviting others in a country such as the UK, holds a great reward.  When Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah awoke that morning, he remarked that upon waking I felt very pleased that my Shaykh sent me to do something that is highly regarded in the eyes of the Messenger SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam. Through the prayers and spiritual gaze of Khwaja Sufi Nawabuddin Rahimahullah whoever sat with Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah would begin to take on the Prophetic character in their daily life.


Inviting People to Islam

In the early days, the Grand Shaykh Rahimahullah faced great tribulations whilst calling people towards Allah ﷻ. Every Sunday for a few years, Grand Shaykh Rahimahullah would make preparations for the weekly gathering of Dhikr, preparing the room and cooking the food to ensure people were fed after the gathering. He conducted the Dhikr gathering with only one or two people passing every few weeks.  At times the landlord would ask, ‘why do you make such preparations, when no one bothers to turn up?’ . Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah simply replied,

‘My job is to make the preparations and give invitation – it is up to Allah ﷻ, The Most Merciful, to send the people’.  

During those testing few years, Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah did not waver from their Shaykh’s command but remained steadfast. After some time, Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah was offered a role as an Imam in a mosque in Middlesbrough, which he accepted.

Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah carried out this noble work as an Imam. In a short period of time, around one hundred local individuals took initiation into Tareeqah Naqshbandiyya Aslamiyya. From there, the Shaykh Rahimahullah along with only a handful of his followers migrated to Bradford, West Yorkshire, with that message of love where he stayed for some time for the sake of propagating the Deen.

After much struggle and through the Shaykh’s Rahimahullah undivided attention and resilience, the nearby area of Keighley became a stronghold of Naqshbandiyya Aslamiyya students. It was from there that the Tareeqah became firm and established itself, allowing it to quickly spread throughout England.

Towards the latter part of Khwaja Sufi Aslam’s Rahimahullah life, people came to him in large numbers.  It was not just those Muslims who, had forgotten their religion and, were blessed with the benefits of Islam but Non-Muslims alike; including Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Hindus accepted Islam at the hands of Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah.

Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah was often very pleased when youngsters, who had come from troubled and challenging backgrounds where they didn’t realise the true value of Islam and its teachings, repented and began to adopt the ways of the Messenger SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam.  He would travel across the UK to propagate the Deen, regardless of whether it was day or night. Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah made it a habit to involve himself with chaplaincy work in prisons, resulting in the reformation of many individuals in prison, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.


In the company of the Great Khwaja of Europe

Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah was often asked in regards to miracles, but he would often say,

“The greatest miracle isn’t flying, or bringing the dead back to life. The greatest miracle is to remain steadfast upon the remembrance of Allah ﷻ, the Most Generous, and in following the example of the Prophet SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam.”

It was this mission which he propagated all his life and instilled into the hearts and minds of his students.

Today, almost every major city in England has a representative of Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah, teaching the true and peaceful message of Islam as taught by the Great Shaykh Rahimahullah in his four decades of service to humanity.


Passing away of the Grand Shaykh

In the latter years of his life, Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah migrated to Blackburn and with the support of his followers purchased an old derelict pub and transformed it into a Madrassa, which was to be used for the teaching of Deen and to host the gatherings of Dhikr.

The great man left for the eternal abode of bliss in 1999 and is buried in Shadpur Shareef, Jhelum, Pakistan.


Grand Shaykh’s Legacy

The great Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah left behind an unparalleled legacy in the form of his Tareeqah – arguably the most successful in the UK and Europe. May Allah ﷻ, The Most Merciful, raise their ranks and forever keep this beautiful way of the Khwajgaan (Masters of the Naqshbandi Way) alive till the end of time, Ameen.

This Sufi order lives on through his noble sons, namely, Shaykh Riaz Ahmad Aslami (HafidhahUllah) and his esteemed Khulafaa (representatives) throughout UK, Europe and Asia.


Present Era

His prime Deputy, Khwaja Sufi Arshad Mahmood (HafidhahUllah) sat in the presence and service of Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah for 27 years and took practical and spiritual guidance from him.

The Shaykh (HafidhahUllah) has been doing the work of Tareeqah since 1999, after the passing of Khwaja Sufi Aslam Rahimahullah. By the grace of Allah ﷻ, Khwaja Sufi Arshad Mahmood (HafidhahUllah) has transformed the lives of thousands of people in the UK, Asia, and Europe, in particular, the youth of today. He travels the world constantly with the sole intention of serving humanity and spreading the true message of Islam.